What is Milia?

Milia, also known as Milk spots, are small benign cysts (1-2 mm in size) which are usually found on the face area. They look like small white or yellow bumps and lie just under the top layer of the skin. They come from an excess build-up of keratin, a substance that is found naturally on the body. Anyone can have milia, regardless of age, sex or ethnicity.

Types of Milia

  •      1) Neonatal Milia: They appear on new born babies and are believed to occur because of undeveloped sweat glands. They are usually found on the scalp, face or inside the mouth. Usually, they disappear by themselves once the sweat glands have developed.
  •      2) Primary Milia: These can occur both on children and adults. This is the most popular form of milia and it forms due to trapped keratin.
  •      3) Secondary or Traumatic milia: This type of milia occurs after something clogs the ducts leading to the skin surface usually after the skin is injured. It can also develop as a consequence of using certain creams.
  •      4) Milia en plaque: This is a rare case of Milia. It usually appears on the eyelids, behind the ears or on the cheeks or jaw area. The people most predisposed to this are middle aged women.
  •     5) Multiple eruptive milia: This is also a rare case of Milia and involves numerous bumps which appear on the same area over a long time period. This condition can occur on the face, upper arms or upper truck.

When to seek medical advice

Milia does not represent a medical risk, but we do recommend having a treatment with us in order to get rid of these skin irregularities. If milia does not disappear within a few weeks after it appeared, you might want to contact a doctor to discuss treatment options. Our Milia Removal Treatments are guaranteed to clear your skin in a fast and efficient manner.

During the treatment

Milia is removed using a sterile needle. The practitioner will create a small incision in the skin covering the cyst and the content of the “milk spots” will be extracted, making sure the surrounding skin is not injured. The treatment is virtually painless.

Your doctor will examine you and discuss with you beforehand the steps you will undergo in your milia removal treatment.

Other types of milia can be removed by using a topical medication.

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