Your IPSA Medical Clinic provides a complete screening and private blood testing facilities.

Blood tests are most often used to determine what is occurring inside your body. The IPSA Medical physician will examine your results and use them as a yardstick to prevent any future medical problems developing and to maintain your current health status. In the NHS, blood tests are recommended when you have a physical problem or any clinical symptoms, however, we recommend taking general blood tests once a year to pick up on any problems before they develop. This is known as preventative therapy.

What benefits are there to having a full blood profile/screen?

A full blood profile and screening test offers the best overview of your current health status and can also guide your IPSA Medical clinician regarding what future steps need to be taken to maintain, enhance and protect your health.

Such screening is useful as it allows your IPSA Medical practitioner to understand your cardiovascular risk and the health of other vital organs. It can also be used to check for an iron deficiency and for many other purposes, such as picking up on any underlying disorders so that they can be treated and managed in the early stages.

This test helps in flagging up issues that can then be addressed before they develop into anything serious, and it also provides a good reflection on how your current lifestyle choices are impacting your body. Underlying, difficult-to-diagnose health conditions that can affect your quality of life (e.g. diabetes, anaemia and osteoporosis) can be detected early before symptoms begin developing.

What blood tests are involved in my full blood profile/screen at my IPSA Medical Clinic?

Many possible blood tests can be done; however, during your IPSA Medical consultation, the IPSA Medical physician will carefully go through your presenting symptoms/lifestyle choices to tailor your package of blood tests to reflect (or help to investigate) your particular circumstances.

If you are worried about hereditary health issues such as diabetes, cholesterol, cancer or any health issues with a genetic component, your blood profile can be tailored to determine if you are affected or could be affected by that health problem in the future.

Should I have a full blood profile/screen if I am healthy and have no health issues?

If you are healthy and you have never needed to visit your doctor for a medical problem, IPSA Medical suggests you have an annual blood test. The test includes a full blood count, kidney and liver function tests, a cholesterol test, as well as a diabetes screen. This test will ensure you that no medical problems are starting to develop.

Your full blood profile/screen consultation at your IPSA Medical Clinic

Your private blood testing clinic is your chance to discuss any of your current symptoms or lifestyle choices with your skilled IPSA Medical clinician, and with IPSA Medical’s client-centred approach, your doctor will tailor a blood test package that is entirely suited to your needs. Your IPSA Medical physician will follow up on your results, fully explain any findings to you, explain any future steps you need to take and prescribe medication if necessary. Most of IPSA Medical’s blood tests are completed within 6–24 hours.

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