The first step: IPSA Medical’s fertility clinic

Your first step on the road to fertility treatment is taken when you contact your most reliable partner – IPSA Medical fertility clinic for a quick solution. Your fertility clinician at IPSA understands how difficult and frustrating this is for many people. She/he will extend a helpful hand and create a supportive client-focused approach for your infertility problems. You are not alone, with infertility impacting up to 1 in 6 reproductive-aged couples. The path to pregnancy is clear; whether you have recently become worried about you/your partner’s fertility or if you are just looking for professional guidance, your IPSA Medical fertility specialist will do her best to help both you and your partner to find the right route towards your pregnancy.

An initial IPSA Medical fertility consultation is required before treatment can begin. Your IPSA Medical specialist will discuss you/your partner’s medical history, advise you on available infertility treatment options before starting to plan your fertility treatment (this might involve an IVF referral). As an initial step, some mandatory tests are required before your consultation taking place that includes an ultrasound scan (USS; for the female) and semen analysis (for the male).

Call IPSA Medical clinic on 020 7449 9490 to speak to our helpful staff regarding any questions you might have and to book your initial appointment with us.

IPSA Medical: Fertility testing in London for both men and women

Our fertility clinic offers a range of tests to determine if there is a physiological problem preventing conception or to ensure you that you are ready to get pregnant.

When should you approach for an Infertility treatment?

If you have had regular and unprotected sexual intercourse for more than one year (or, if you are over 35, for more than six months), and have failed to conceive, then it is time to consult your IPSA Medical specialist.

There are many different tests for fertility that are offered at your IPSA Medical fertility clinic, including hormone screening, full blood profiles, ovarian follicle screens, sperm analysis, vitamin D/B12 levels, uterine/ovarian ultrasound scans and hormone screening, among others.

If any abnormalities are found, then your IPSA Medical clinician can recommend a specialist referral and will also arrange this on your behalf.

If you are considering conception assistance, then your IPSA Medical physician will provide you with details of our recommended centre (in the vicinity of Harley Street, London), which has proven successful for our IPSA Medical clients.

Book your fertility consultation at IPSA Medical today either by phone or by using our online booking facility.

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Sameday (Walk-in) GP

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