What is infertility in men?

Male infertility is a type of abnormality in which either the sperm count is lower than required, or the sperm cells are not of good quality. The main reason why a couple first present themselves at our fertility clinic for investigations around fertility issues is when they experience difficulty in conceiving. The first lab test that your IPSA Medical fertility specialist usually recommends is semen analysis.

Men renew their supply of germ cells regularly (germ cells are the one that develop into sperm cells). A single ejaculate of semen can release around 200 million sperm cells, however, to fertilise an egg, the sperm count should be around 20 million sperm cells (on average) per millilitre.

We analyse your sperm sample at your IPSA Medical fertility clinic for motility (over 50% of your sperm should be motile) and shape (one-third of your sperm should be a normal shape). In the event of any abnormal findings, your results will be explained to you and any further action needed will be taken with your permission.

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