Cholesterol function

Cholesterol is a substance similar to fat, called a lipid, which can be found in the blood and in all the cell membranes.

The substance is mainly made in the body, created in the liver predominantly from saturated fats. It can also be found in eggs, liver and kidneys.

Cholesterol is the molecule which the body uses as a building block to create other vital substances, including certain hormones, and factors a vital role in the functioning of every cell wall throughout the body. Therefore, transportation is essential.

It is advisable that all adults get a cholesterol check, regardless of their age or health. The check will allow you to gain a good idea of your heart health.

Should I be tested?

The cholesterol function blood test is something you should consider having carried out:

  • As you get older
  • If your diet is especially rich
  • If you have gained weight recently
  • If you easily get tired
  • If your family has a history of having high cholesterol levels
  • If you smoke cigarettes

It is advisable that you are tested annually. If you exercise minimally, or if you have other medical issues (e.g. heart disease or diabetes), then getting your cholesterol level checked every year is a good way of monitoring both your general health and your risk of future medical problems.

High cholesterol usually causes no signs or symptoms.

What does a test involve?

Generally, you’re asked not to eat or drink or anything for 9 to twelve hours before the test (usually overnight). Your specialist will clearly explain instructions in advance.

We can monitor cholesterol levels through a simple blood test.

Your annual cholesterol screen at your IPSA Medical clinic

Having your annual cholesterol screen at your IPSA Medical clinic will allow your specialist to guide you on how to maintain your health. At your clinic, your cholesterol results are available within 24 hours, and your physician will both interpret and explain them fully to you, as well as provide you with a copy.

Your IPSA Medical clinician will also give you dietary advice, as well as guidance on how best to exercise, and will recommend a period to take retests.

If your test shows high cholesterol levels, this will allow you and your doctor to plan accordingly to either bring the numbers to a healthy level, or your physician might recommend initiating treatment. We can also advise you on the types of supplements that will help to reduce your cholesterol level naturally.

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