Hepatitis B and C are blood-borne infections caused by viruses. These viruses directly affect your liver, leading to inflammation, followed by scarring. Both hepatitis B and C can be contracted from:

  • Contaminated water
  • Needle-stick injuries
  • Bodily fluids

Both types of hepatitis infection cause:

  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Possible jaundice
  • Abdominal pain

Hepatitis B is curable. Early hepatitis B detection will prevent long-term liver damage. If you are at risk of either hepatitis B or C, IPSA Medical advises that you book a hepatitis consultation with your IPSA Medical doctor.

Your clinical history will be risk assessed by your IPSA Medical doctor. A full examination will follow, and then – if necessary – further investigations. If your IPSA Medical doctor determines that you have a high hepatitis B/C risk, sexual health screening (a blood test) and liver-function tests (a check of your liver’s health) are offered. Your hepatitis B/C results will be explained personally by your IPSA Medical doctor. You will be given a copy of the results.

Hepatitis B (surface antigen): £95

Hepatitis B (antibodies): £95

Hepatitis C (antibodies): £95

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It is often quite difficult to book appointments with your NHS GP at a time that suits you. Your symptoms might have already faded, or you might have recovered by the time of your NHS GP appointment.

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