If you require a visa medical for your trip to Bermuda, you can arrange to have one at IPSA Medical. Visa medical recruitments vary from country to country but we aim to provide you with all the information necessary. Our travel nurse at IPSA Medical can suggest which vaccines you need in order to travel. Having a Visa medical is critical as this might affect your trip. Near the time of your visa process, it’s vital for you to also have an immigration medical exam. Keep in mind that you need to allow yourself enough time to apply to both before you leave the country.

What tests will I need to have carried out?

For entry into Bermuda, a medical is required to determine your overall health risks. This involves outlining current medical complaints, examining your past medical/family illness history, alongside a general head-to-toe exam. In addition to the above examinations, you will need to have a chest X-ray as to rule out pulmonary TB as a key requirement for a Bermuda visa application.

How long does it take for my results to be finalised?

Your Bermuda visa medical is turned around in just 24 hours at our clinic, and you have the choice of receiving an e-mailed copy, receiving it by first-class mail or collecting your Bermuda visa from the clinic in person if you are in a hurry. Your Indonesian travel and employment visa medical results can be e-mailed or posted to you or collected in person at the clinic. Your results of the test will be available to you within 3-5 days.

Highly competitive rates

Bermuda: Your travel and employment visa medical: £195

Before coming to your visa medical please remember to bring one passport-sized photo and your original passport so we can confirm your identity. If you fail to bring these items we will not be able to conduct the exam.

We also offer various travel vaccinations if necessary. You can book with us online or you can call the clinic today.

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