Hair thinning in women

For some women, hair thinning is extremely upsetting, particularly when it onsets suddenly and there is no obvious reason for it.

Your IPSA Medical hair-thinning consultation

At your IPSA Medical clinic, your experienced IPSA Medical clinician will work with you, discussing your hair-thinning issue with you, working through your past medical history and conducting a thorough examination. Your IPSA Medical clinician will then offer further relevant investigations to determine the reason behind your hair loss.

There are several reasons behind hair loss/thinning in women, as follows:

  • Imbalances in hormones (e.g. high testosterone levels)
  • Dandruff (for scalp conditions, a general scalp examination will be carried out, and your IPSA Medical physician may then refer you to IPSA Medical’s dermatologist)
  • Fungal infections (of the scalp)
  • Psoriasis (of the scalp)
  • Dermatological issues (of the scalp)
  • Low iron level
  • Low vitamin D level, as this directly affects your hair follicles (this can be alleviated by getting more safe sunshine and by increasing your polyunsaturated fat consumption: nuts, seeds, oily fish) and your IPSA Medical physician may recommend supplements
  • Gluten intolerance
  • Coeliac disease
  • A lack of exercise, as exercise helps by pumping vital nutrients and blood to your scalp (as well as to the rest of your body)
  • Stress: your IPSA Medical specialist will assess your mood and stress levels, as high stress can initiate hair loss

Your IPSA Medical specialist will also review your diet and discuss general nutrition with you to make certain that you are consuming sufficient protein, because by increasing your oily fish, fruit and vegetable and nut intake, you can strengthen your hair.

If you have hair-loss concerns, then phone your IPSA Medical clinic to book your same-day hair-thinning consultation.

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