If you want to find out where to get your contraception from, which contraceptive method is most suitable for you, or if you should still use contraception if you are entering or in the menopause, then IPSA Medical can help.

Whatever questions you may have concerning using or getting contraception, then your IPSA Medical contraception clinic is here for you. IPSA Medical aims to provide practical information when you want to know more about the different forms of contraception. IPSA Medical works with teenagers, and with women their 20s, 30s and 40s, and also with anyone who has a question about the contraceptive method they are currently using or thinking about using.

What is family planning?

Many different methods exist to enable what is called ‘family planning’ (using contraception to determine the number of children that you have), and when deciding on which method will suit you, several factors need to be taken into account, including any medications you are on, your age, your family history, your medical history, and whether or not you smoke.

Your IPSA Medical family planning consultation

During your IPSA Medical family planning consultation, your female IPSA Medical specialist will work holistically with you, going through your history and working with you to reach a decision on which contraceptive method will be best for you. Your IPSA Medical clinician will run through the pros/cons of the available contraceptive methods with you and will then recommend your follow-up regime.

Your IPSA Medical female physician will review you at appropriate time intervals and will supply you with your chosen contraception.

Your IPSA Medical physician will be available so that you can talk directly to her if you are experiencing any issues with your contraception post-consultation.

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Sameday (Walk-in) GP

Sameday (Walk-in) GP

It can often be quite difficult to book an appointment with your NHS GP at a time that suits you. Your symptoms might have already faded, or you might have recovered by the time of your NHS GP appoin

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