When you visit your IPSA Medical clinic, your clinician can provide a treatment course for you if you present with boils or with abscesses. A boil or skin abscess is a collection of pus that forms in the skin. Boils are superficial infections with a thin layer of skin over fluid. Abscesses are usually deeper and larger than boils with redness and painful swelling over an area filled with pus.

What are swab tests?

Swab tests are often needed when you have been on a course of antibiotics. The swab looks similar to a small cotton bud and is wiped over the specific part of the body that could be infected. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea can be treated by taking antibiotics which are given orally or by injection. It’s vital for you to take all the antibiotics given to you as the infection stays in the body until you finish the antibiotics.

Antiobiotics can cure many STD’s but a second test is important to make sure the infection is cured. Even when you’ve finished the treatment and the STD has gone, it’s possible for it to come back. This is why it’s essential to be tested as soon as possible and get tested again in 3-4 months after the infection has gone. These tests are helpful in determining the choice of antibiotics, allowing your IPSA Medical clinician to identify a specific antibiotic that will be effective against the organism that is causing your infection.

Your IPSA Medical clinic offers a range of swab tests, such as:

  • Throat swabs
  • Eye swabs
  • Skin swabs
  • Vaginal swabs
  • Swabs of any wound sites, boils, abscesses, and of any other kinds of abnormal discharges

During your consultation, if your practitioner is in any way concerned, you will immediately be placed on an antibiotic course (prior to having swabs taken). Your practitioner will contact you when your swab results are returned if the type of antibiotic you have been prescribed needs to be changed.

Your IPSA Medical pharmacy is a well-stocked on-site facility and so your new prescription can be collected if alternative antibiotics have been recommended by the lab based on your swab test findings.
If you think you require a swab test, book in at your IPSA Medical clinic for a same-day swab test consultation. You can phone us directly or use IPSA Medical’s online booking procedure.

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