Urinary tract infections (UTIs) can be both uncomfortable and painful. A UTI is a common type of infection; it is caused when an infection occurs in a part of the urinary tract, which is usually due to bacteria entering through your urethra, or sometimes, through your bloodstream.

At IPSA Medical, you will be seen immediately when you first notice your symptoms. You will be examined thoroughly. An assessment will be carried out to determine if you are presenting with either an upper or a lower UTI.

If the infection is in your urethra/bladder (which is part of your lower urinary tract), then we call this a lower UTI, whereas if it is in the ureters/kidney region of your urinary tract, it is called an upper UTI. With upper UTIs, there is the risk of damage to the kidneys, and so upper UTIs can be a more serious type of UTI.

IPSA Medical’s UTI Treatment

UTIs can sometimes deteriorate if they are not treated, leading to more serious kidney infections.

You can be seen by your IPSA Medical doctor and your treatment can start immediately:

  • At the first signs of a UTI
  • If you have a chronic urine infection
  • If you have tried an OTC (over-the-counter) product, but your symptoms have not improved.

During your IPSA Medical consultation, your doctor will discuss measures that you can take to reduce/minimise your chances of getting further UTIs.

Your urine will be tested by your IPSA Medical doctor for eight different components (these include ketones, sugar, bloods and white cells).

For those women with UTIs that tend to recur, we usually recommend antibiotics. Sometimes, long-term antibiotic use will be suggested (to help to prevent the UTI from coming back).

When Should I Seek Medical Advice?

Starting antibiotics early often reduces the pain and distress associated with a UTI, and also prevents a lower infection from proceeding to a more serious upper infection.

If you are pregnant or have diabetes, or if you do experience any of the following, then contact IPSA Medical and you will be given an immediate appointment with one of our doctors:

  • Blood in your urine
  • A sudden worsening of your symptoms
  • A high temperature
  • Back pain
  • Vomiting due to the urine infection
  • Your symptoms remain after a 48-hour period

When women have urine infections, they often know immediately; in these cases, diagnosis is mainly based on your clinical symptoms. However, you are often unable to book an immediate GP appointment in the NHS (an appointment two weeks later is probably not what you are looking for).

Your IPSA Medical doctor will discuss what you should do if the symptoms change at all. If you do need any further help/advice during recovery, then your IPSA Medical doctor is available for you.

At IPSA Medical, you can have peace of mind: we always take your symptoms seriously. The best medication will be provided for you, and this will allow you to recover in the fastest possible timeframe.

Contact IPSA Medical for your same-day appointment or, alternatively, book a consultation with us online.

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