An infection in your tonsils is called “tonsillitis”. Tonsillitis can be spread through close contact with other people. When you develop tonsillitis, you usually have a sore throat. Other tonsillitis symptoms can include tiredness, nausea, a cough, headache and a fever, with difficulty swallowing due to the glands in your neck being swollen.

Additionally, your tonsils might also be red and swollen, with some white spots (pus) visible on them. Usually your symptoms worsen for 2–3 days and subside within a week.

IPSA Medical’s Tonsillitis Treatments

If your illness does not respond to OTC (over-the-counter) products, then contact IPSA Medical to see a doctor. Your IPSA Medical doctor offers immediate appointments when you get the first signs of tonsillitis, before your symptoms become worse.

Your IPSA Medical doctor will see you. He/she will have a strong background in emergency medicine. You will be seen in a conducive setting (clean/quiet) and in a confidential environment.

Your IPSA Medical doctor will undertake a full consultation. This is to assess your symptoms. Additionally, an examination will be given to rule out any serious reasons underlying your symptoms (for example, a tonsillar abscess).

Once your tonsillitis symptoms and the trigger for them has been assessed, your IPSA Medical doctor will recommend the appropriate treatment (antibiotics, immunity boosters, steroids, anti-mucus medication or prescription analgesia).

If required, immediate treatment will be provided to relieve any distressing symptoms such as tonsillar pain or difficulty in swallowing.

Following your tonsillitis appointment with your IPSA Medical doctor, when you go home with your tonsillitis treatment, you will be given easy over-the-phone access for any further worries/questions that you might have.

At IPSA Medical, immediate appointments are offered at times that suit you, and you will be supported throughout the recovery process. IPSA Medical doctors also provide medical sick notes, if these are required.

Treating Tonsillitis When at Home

Tonsillitis usually clears up with no treatment in a week. You can aid your recovery from tonsillitis by drinking lots of fluids.

It can be challenging to keep your intake of fluids up when it is difficult to swallow; however, you could get a little dehydrated if you do not drink enough, and this can then make your tiredness and headaches much worse. If you do have a fever, then drinking more liquids is especially important.

Although they do not act to clear your tonsillitis infection, lozenges, sprays and gargles can relieve some of your symptoms.

Visit your IPSA pharmacy to find out what the recommended OTC (over-the-counter) products are for tonsillitis.

Pain, fevers and headaches can be eased with either paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Contact IPSA Medical for a same-day appointment with our resident GP. Alternatively, you can book your same-day appointment online.

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