In the United Kingdom, Prostate cancer is the most common form to develop in men and is diagnosed in over 40,000 males every year.

The cells in the human body divide, grow and are replaced in an orderly manner, however, when the cells begin to divide uncontrollably, it results in the formation of cancer in any part of the body. Such an uncontrolled cell growth in the prostate gland can lead to prostate cancer.

Men’s health : IPSA Medical prostate cancer consultation

At your private IPSA Medical Clinic, a specialist will carry out your prostate cancer examination with complete confidentiality. Our clinics are extremely professional, keeping in mind your privacy at all times.

With expertise in treating/diagnosing prostate gland issues, your IPSA Medical physician will work holistically with you to assess your family history, your presenting symptoms, and the risk factors.

Your IPSA Medical clinician will then run a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test, interpreting the results on a one-to-one basis with you, so you understand any findings. The IPSA Medical physician will refer you immediately and locally for your prostate biopsy if he suspects any abnormality.

What are the signs/symptoms of prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer does not show any symptoms in the early stages of the disease. Thus, it is crucial that you seek medical aid if you have any urinary flow problems.

Some men might experience pain in their pelvis, back or in the hips. Sudden pain is sometimes indicative of prostate cancer having spread to your bones.

The types of prostate tests that your IPSA Medical treating physician might recommend are:

  • An MRI scan
  • A prostate biopsy
  • The PSA blood test
  • A CT scan
  • A USS (ultrasound scan)
  • A bone scan (which can be with or without X-rays)
  • A manual examination
  • A urine flow test

Waiting for appointments is stressful, which is why IPSA Medical offers same-day prostate appointments; appointments that work for you. Additionally, IPSA Medical prostate referrals are immediate.

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