About IPSA Medical Clinic’s Sexual Health (Genitourinary Medicine – GUM) Services

IPSA Medical’s sexual health clinic offers a GUM service that is completely confidential, including advice, doctor appointments and further investigations (which include sexually transmitted infection [STI] blood and urine tests).

Please call IPSA Medical or look at our sexual health section for further details.

IPSA Medical advises that you undertake a consultation prior to sexual screening. This is so that your IPSA Medical doctor can evaluate your risk level and advise you appropriately on what tests might be necessary. If you are displaying symptoms (and also if your doctor believes you have a high STI risk) then your IPSA Medical doctor might prescribe antibiotics (before the return of your test results).

Alternatively, if you want to get a full sexual health screen (without a consultation), and you have already decided on the tests you wish to have, your IPSA Medical clinic can arrange that for you.

The IPSA Medical Clinic: The Benefits of Sexual Health Testing With Us

  • All GUM consultations (and any resulting reports) are fully confidential
  • An experienced doctor, not nurse, gives the GUM consultation and takes any necessary samples
  • Your clinic appointment is convenient, based on your schedule, not ours
  • We offer fast results and an over-the-phone explanation of your results with your IPSA Medical doctor
  • The service is always patient-centred/professional

About IPSA Medical’s Fees

With a competitive and inclusive fee at IPSA Medical, there are no surprises. The fee also includes the telephone consultation to discuss your results with your IPSA Medical doctor.

IPSA Medical tells you all the costs up front before your GUM appointment. The price is exact and is always the fully inclusive price.

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Sameday (Walk-in) GP

Sameday (Walk-in) GP

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