Resting and Exercise Electrocardiogram (ECG) Testing

IPSA Medical closely liaises with local hospitals in order to provide the full range of investigations/cardiac testing. The investigations at IPSA Medical include:

  • Resting ECG
  • Exercise ECG
  • 24-hour blood-pressure monitoring

If the need does arise, then IPSA Medical patients can be privately referred to the excellent cardiology department based at the local hospital.

Why You Might Require Cardiac Testing


  • Breathing difficulties
  • Chest pain
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Dizziness
  • Any other cardiology symptoms

If you have any of these symptoms, then cardiac testing offers the ideal opportunity for you to discuss them fully with your IPSA Medical doctor. First, you will be examined, and then, if required, you will have some further investigations carried out.

If you have not got any of these symptoms, but for reassurance or peace of mind would like to have an examination, review and investigations, then this may well be the option for you.

Some of the more common cardiac investigations offered by IPSA Medical include:

24-hour Blood Pressure

If you have had multiple and repeated differing or abnormal blood-pressure readings, and feel that this was because of the anxiety associated with attending a medical clinic, or because you were ‘rushing around’ prior to the testing, IPSA Medical can organise a 24-hour blood-pressure monitor; this provides accurate blood-pressure readings throughout your waking day. These readings are then reviewed, allowing us to advise you regarding whether you might benefit from blood-pressure medication and/or from lifestyle changes.

Resting Electrocardiogram (ECG)

To gain a good overall idea of the health of your heart and/or to investigate your heart rhythm and rate, your IPSA Medical doctor will give you a ‘resting ECG’ test. This type of ECG can indicate early abnormalities which might be overlooked during an examination. If your ECG result shows that abnormalities are present, your IPSA Medical doctor will fully explain these to you, advise you to see a specialist cardiologist for an opinion and provide you with a detailed referral letter.

Exercise Electrocardiogram (ECG)

This type of ECG test produces a heart-rhythm trace while you are running on a treadmill. The aim of an exercise ECG is to determine if there are any heart-tracing abnormalities when your heart is ‘working out’. This tracing gives a clear indication as to whether any chest pain is ‘cardiac’ in origin (or not).


This is a type of ultrasound scan for your heart. It shows how well both the heart valves and the heart muscle are functioning. The ECHO scan can highlight any areas with poor muscle function and also early heart failure.

GP Referrals for IPSA Medical Investigations

Your GP might advise you that you require tests that are not readily available on the NHS (such as allergy testing). IPSA Medical will gladly work with you to determine what you need, and to assist you as much as we can. IPSA Medical will also send the relevant reports to your GP (if requested) for further discussion and/or management.

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Sameday (Walk-in) GP

Sameday (Walk-in) GP

It can often be quite difficult to book an appointment with your NHS GP at a time that suits you. Your symptoms might have already faded, or you might have recovered by the time of your NHS GP appoin

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