Diabetes testing at your IPSA Medical clinic

The diabetes test is useful if you have a family history of diabetes or if you have recently begun to notice symptoms associated with diabetes such as an increased thirst, tiredness, passing urine more frequently, recurrent infections or weight loss/gain.

The diabetes test involves taking a fasting blood sample from your arm and if your result is then above the accepted normal range, your IPSA Medical specialist might offer a definitive test be carried out (the glucose tolerance test). If your IPSA Medical doctor’s clinical suspicion is that you have a high risk of having diabetes, your IPSA Medical clinician will carry out a glucose tolerance test, as this is the best method for confirming whether (or not) you are diabetic.

Diabetes is a medical condition where your body is no longer able to handle any excess sugar. The excess sugar then circulates in your bloodstream producing devastating effects on some of your organs. Some diabetes complications are irreversible (e.g. vision loss, kidney failure, a poor circulation that leads to foot ulcers, infections and gangrene, and an increased risk of both heart disease and of cerebrovascular disease). If detected early enough, many diabetes complications can be alleviated and avoided through medical treatment.

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