Medical Services & Prices

Pricing for medical services are clearly laid out with no hidden charges.We strongly recommend an initial consultation to discuss which tests are appropriate for you. Test prices do not include a consultation. In the case that tests are requested without a consultation (except for sexual health testing) and return with any abnormalities, you will be asked to take your results to your GP or return to us for a consultation, which is chargeable. Please note that our Doctors will not be able to discuss results without a consultation and examination.

Medical Consumables are charged in addition to treatment charges.

Consultation – Standard (up to 20 minutes)£90
Consultation – Follow up (within 2 weeks)£60
Wound Care (Initial Charge)£120
Sutures (Stitching)£160
Additional sickness certificate Fee£20
Additional Private Prescription Fee£20
Blood TestsTurnaround TimePrice
Pregnancy blood test4 – 24 hours£90
Full blood profile – Health screen 1 (haematology / biochemistry / cholesterol breakdown, glucose)4 – 24 hours£170
Full blood profile – Health screen 2 (haematology / biochemistry / cholesterol breakdown, glucose, thyroid function)4 – 24 hours£190
Diabetes test (HbA1C)4 – 12 hours£90
Female hormone screen4 – 24 hours£180
Male hormone screen4 – 24 hours£160
Blood group and antibody24 hours£85
Glandular fever / EBV screen48 hours£130
Thyroid function screen4 – 24 hours£95
Other TestsTurnaround TimePrice
Microbiology Swab3 – 5 days£95
Mid-stream urine test48 hours£85
Drugs of Abuse (by urine)24 hours£110
Ear ExamPrice
Ear syringe / Ear Irrigation Price includes full ear consultation with doctor£120
Minor ProceduresPrice
Cryotherapy treatment ( for warts & verrucas) 1 Session£90
Wound Care (Initial Charge)£120
Minor procedures (lesion removal)£120 – 250
Sutures (Stitches)£160
Stitches removal£60 – 100
Skin tag removal (Includes GP Consultation + removal of tag. Additional tags £40 per tag )£120
Consumables may be chargeable£Variable
Meningitis ACWY£80
Polio /Tetanus/Diptheria£65
Hepatitis A & B (Twinrix) – 3 vaccines required for long-term immunisation£85 each
Hepatitis B – 3 vaccines required for successful immunisation£50 each
Hepatitis A – 2 vaccines required for long-term immunisation£50 each
Cholera (Dukoral) – 2 vaccines required£50 each
Rabies – 3 vaccines required£50 each
Chicken Pox Adults – 2 vaccines required£250 for full course
Adult MMR£75
Gardasil (Human Papilloma Virus / cervical cancer)3 vaccines required for full course£450 for full course
Women’s HealthTurnaround TimePrice
Cervical smear & HPV2 – 5 days£200
Female hormone screen4 – 24 hours£180
Wellwoman 1 (inc. Full blood profile)£360
Wellwoman (inc. Full blood profile and cervical smear)£450
Men’s HealthTurnaround TimePrice
Prostate specific antigen test4 – 24 hours£90
Wellman 1 (inc. Full blood profile)£350
Wellman 2 (inc. Full blood profile, prostate specific antigen)£380
Male hormone screen£160
Visa MedicalsPrice
South Africa medical£195
Saudi Visa Medical – male£350
Saudi visa medical – female£375
Cayman Islands visa medical£350
China Visa Medical£375
Kuwait visa Medical£395
Dubai visa medical£350
Bahrain visa medical£415
Other destinationsPlease call
Cardiology servicesPrice
Exercise ECG and Report£275
Resting ECG£85
24 blood pressure monitor£295 plus £200 refundable deposit
Sexual Health ClinicTurnaround TimePrice
HIV antibodies4 – 24 hours£95
Hepatitis C antibodies4 – 24 hours£95
Hepatitis B surface antigen4 – 24 hours£95
Syphilis (by blood)4 – 24 hours£95
Chlamydia (by urine)3 – 5 days£95
Gonorrhoea (by urine)5 days£95
Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea (by urine)5 days£150
Gonorrhoea and bacterial infections (by swab)3 – 5 days£115
Sexual Health PackagesTurnaround TimePrice
Full screenHIV antibodies/ HIV early detection / Syphilis/ Hepatitis B & C /Chlamydia/GonorrhoeaTests arrive at different times – results for HIV and hepatitis back in 4-12 hours. Bacterial infections take up to 5 working days£295
Bacterial screen Chlamydia / gonorrhoea / bacterial infections3 – 5 working days£215

Please note we provide a large range of tests. If you do not see what you require below, please call us to discuss.

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