Hay fever injections can relieve your symptoms when you are suffering from severe hay fever. The hay fever injection at IPSA Medical contains a steroid, which is very effective for those who suffer from serious hay fever side effects.

A consultation with one of our doctors is required to determine whether the hay fever injection is suitable for you. At the clinic, you may also be offered a prescription-strength anti-histamine to manage any of the other symptoms you may have.

Allergy Treatments

When you are having your allergy consultation, your doctor will take his or her time when discussing both the severity of your symptoms and assessing their impact on your daily life.

Our aim at IPSA Medical is to ensure that you are able to function well by minimising the severity of your hay fever symptoms during the peak of the hay fever season.

What Are the Options?

Many individuals suffer for approximately 3–6 months of each year (or sometimes even longer) from the effects of intolerable symptoms; many over-the-counter products, such as Piriton, might not actually ease the symptoms.

During your allergy consultation, your doctor will talk through the most effective ways for you to minimise your allergy symptoms when at home. Prescription-strength medicines (which are more effective, better tolerated and much stronger) will also be discussed as a way of controlling your allergy symptoms.

Your doctor might suggest the allergy injection as a method to minimise both the severity and the frequency of your hay fever symptoms. This injection can be given to you immediately if the decision is made during your consultation that the injection is the best course of action for you.

Each year, you can have either one or two allergy injections; these injections are quite safe. They can be highly effective, providing you with symptom relief for anywhere between one and six months (i.e., to get you through the worst period of hay fever season).

A Kenalog injection can last for approximately 4-6 weeks; however, some people can experience reduced symptoms for anywhere up to 6 months.

If you do think that your symptoms are particularly severe, then you can discuss having these injections with your doctor during your allergy consultation.

For skin reactions, many people use steroid-based creams. These work to reduce itchy rashes, but are not a viable long-term solution, as, over time, they can produce skin changes.

We are able to recommend natural-based, specialist dermatology, non-steroidal skin-care products to help alleviate these symptoms, which can be used in the long term (without any safety issues). Our doctors are also able to recommend highly effective, topical, non-steroidal prescription-strength creams.

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