In the United Kingdom, 6.5 million men are affected by male-pattern baldness, and it is the most common reason for male hair loss. Often, starting with mild thinning of your hair, further hair losses then follows, creating a large visible scalp area (This kind of hair loss can also affect women).

Most men who reach 60 do have some hair loss; however, for some men, this hair loss can begin quite early on, even in their late teenage years.

My IPSA Medical hair-loss consultation

At IPSA Medical, we care for your hair. Our Hair-Loss Consultation involves an IPSA Medical specialist who will discuss your hair loss issues alongside all the available hair thinning treatment options, before (depending on if you are male or female) recommending on the most suitable treatment option. Your IPSA Medical clinician practices transparency and will involve you completely during your hair-loss consultation. We take your privacy seriously! With our conducive atmosphere and the same-day appointments with slots that fit your schedule, a client-centred approach to hair loss is IPSA Medical’s goal.

Men’s health and losing your hair/bald patches

While some men do not have any issues when losing hair, others can experience significant emotional distress, with a loss of self-esteem sometimes leading to depression.

Male-pattern baldness (otherwise known as ‘androgenetic alopecia’) can be inherited and is due to oversensitive hair follicles. The male hormone (called testosterone) stimulates dihydrotestosterone (DHT) production thus shrinking your hair follicles, which eventually stop functioning.

What are IPSA Medical’s Hair thinning treatments for men?

The treatments available can effectively delay your hair-loss process; however, there is no complete cure. IPSA Medical does have hair-thickening treatments, with the two effective ones for male-pattern baldness being finasteride and minoxidil (Rogaine).

At your IPSA Medical hair-loss consultation, your IPSA practitioner might offer a combined treatment including a regimen involving applying a topical solution plus taking an oral medication, or the best over-the-counter hair-loss treatment serums alongside a range of vitamins that purely benefit hair loss.

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