Though we believe we can help you solve your medical problems, a referral to a private specialist is sometimes needed.

What is a referral?

A referral is when your doctor believes it’s necessary to recommend you to see another doctor in a specialist field. If we think that we can deal with your medical concerns we won’t be referring you. If we do decide that you need a specialist, you can ask to have a treatment from a list of specific hospitals or clinics. Patients are advised to research the doctor of the choice carefully to ensure they will be able to deal with your medical matter appropriately. When the patient is seen by the specialist doctor, the doctor may prescribe any necessary medication.

Following your consultation, if further medical input is required, then your clinician’s aim is to arrange an immediate referral appointment for you at your nearest hospital with a specialist. Here at IPSA Medical, we have built a rapport with consultants in every surgical and medical field of health. We will look at your health history and treatment to help us make the decision for any specialist referral.

Our doctors will also provide a full referral letter for you, and your clinician will follow up on your progress and also discuss any additional queries that you might have after seeing your specialist doctor. If you would like a copy of this letter, just ask.

In all cases, IPSA Medical is able to provide an insurance letter, if required.

Referral GP Services:

• Specialist referral appointments
• Full referral letters
• Insurance letters

If you’d like to be referred to a particular doctor by us, contact us or make an appointment and we will try to cater to your medical needs. We aim to find a doctor for you as soon as we can.

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