The importance of Type 1 Diabetes Tests for your Child

There has been growing momentum in recent months to introduce routine type 1 diabetes testing for children and young people. This follows the case of a Welsh boy who passed away after his GP failed to diagnose the illness. Those with type 1 diabetes are unable to produce insulin, a hormone that controls glucose levels in the blood.

Early detection is key to manage the condition which if unrecognised could develop into diabetic ketoacidosis, a potentially fatal illness requiring emergency medical treatment.

The Four Ts- Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes

1) Toilet – Going to the toilet a lot bed wetting or heavier nappies in babies
2) Tthirsty- Being unable to quench your thirst
3) Tired- Feeling a lot more tired than usual
4) Thinner – Losing weight without trying or looking thinner than usual

The diabetes test involves taking a fasting blood sample from your arm and if your result is then above the accepted normal range, your IPSA Medical specialist might offer a definitive test be carried out (the glucose tolerance test).

If your IPSA Medical doctor’s clinical suspicion is that you have a high risk of having diabetes, your clinician will carry out a glucose tolerance test, as this is the best method for confirming whether (or not) you are diabetic.

At IPSA, we provide quick and easy testing for Type 1 Diabetes when you or your child needs it most. We are open 7 days a week and will have your results back within 12 hours.

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